Google Calendar

Google Calendar

The king of online calendars


  • Variety of views
  • Share and access other people's calendars
  • Notification service


  • Not many extras apart from Labs
  • Offline access requires Google Gears


Google Calendar can no longer be downloaded.

Google Calendar is the Google Empire's calendar service.

The Google Calendar layout is very easy to get used to. You create different calendars for different activities and view them either all together on the same calendar or on separate ones. You'll also be able to view your calendars with different layouts - for example, your social calendar as a 7-day week, your university lectures agenda-style and birthdays as a monthly spread.

One feature that really helps Google Calendar stand out is the ability to import other calendars - your own and from other users who give you permission - as well as extending sharing privileges to others. This makes it perfect for anybody who works or operates in a team, such as a family or office situation, with each member using a shared Google Calendar to make sure that everybody is aware of what everyone else is doing.

Signing-up to and using Google Calendar is very easy, especially if you already have a Google Account. Creating new appointments and calendars is also a cinch - just click on the date in question and fill in the details. If it's a more complex task, a meeting with other people for example, click on Edit event details for access to repeat scheduling, location, attendees and event notification.

For a comprehensive calendar application that's accessible from anywhere on the web, try Google Calendar.

Google Calendar

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Google Calendar

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